Surroundings Prüm

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Climatic health resort Prüm in the German-Belgian Nature Park

The climatic health resort Prüm belongs to the German-Belgian Nature Park. The townscape is dominated by the former Benedictine abbey from the 18th century. Prüm is situated in a mountainous area, between 430 m and 590 m elevation. Due to its wooded surroundings with well-developed hiking trails, Prüm is also called "Waldstadt” which means forest city.

St. Salvator Basilica

The construction of the church began in 1721 to mark the 1000-year anniversary of Prüm Abbey. In 1950 Pope Pius XII gave the church the title of a "Basilica minor" (small basilica). In the basilica there is a reliquary with parts of the sandals of Christ and the tomb of Emperor Lothar. On the entrance side there are sandstone figures of Charlemagne and Pippin.

Abbey building

The construction of the present abbey building was begun in 1748 by Andreas Seitz according to plans by the great baroque master builder Balthasar Neumann. Today the building houses the Regino-Gymnasium. The EVBK (European Association of Visual Artists) art exhibition always takes place here during the summer holidays.

Station on the Way of St James

Prüm is a station on the centuries-old Way of St James to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. From the previous station Kronenburg you reach Prüm via the mountain ranges of the „Schneifel“. Passing Calvary you reach the city with its abbey founded in 721.
The next stage leads to "Schönecker Schweiz" with its bizarre limestone cliffs. Passing Schönecken and its castle ruins you reach Lascheid. From there you have a wonderful view of the western part of the Eifel.
Further information on the history, sights, leisure activities and events can be found on the Prüm Website.