Our Froschkönig

Our sauna is currently not in use.

Hotel Zum Goldenen Stern

Our Froschkönig

Finnish Sauna — Steam Sauna — Tepidarium

Your sauna oasis in the Hotel zum Goldenen Stern

The ancient Indians and Egyptians used it, as did the Romans and the ancient Greeks. Almost all ancient cultures knew a form of sweating bath and appreciated its advantages. Today, the sauna primarily serves to improve well-being and health, because the intensive heat relaxes the muscles and the musculoskeletal system, activates the immune system and, in combination with refreshing cold water applications, stimulates circulation and metabolism.

To relax and unwind, you find several magical ways in our modern wellness area „Der Froschkönig“ („The Frog Prince") to bring body and mind into harmony.

Lean back and enjoy the soothing heat in our Finnish sauna, which has a relaxing effect on your muscles and lets you arrive at your own pace.
Not quite as much heat, but just as much relaxation awaits you in our steam sauna.

Let yourself be enveloped in comfortable warm steam clouds and you’re finally going to relax.

You can't take very high temperatures? Then you will definitely feel well in our Tepidarium. Gentle warmth and low air humidity give you pleasant moments of relaxation.

Treat yourself to your personal sauna break and enrich your holiday in the beautiful Eifel with a refreshing visit to the Froschkönig “Frog King”! Enjoy healing peace and quiet and magical moments of relaxation.

    To make your feeling of well-being even greater, our Froschkönig offers you:
  • free drinks: water, tea, coffee
  • free bathrobe use
  • a rest room with waterbeds
  • a relaxation room
  • a shower area with a waterfall shower


Use of the frog king facility: 17,- € per person

Free of charge for hotel guests

The price includes the use of bathrobe, water, tea and coffee.